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| Topic: Innovation A Sydney man accused of manufacturing six guns using a 3D printer tried to sell one of the guns on social media for AU$1 million, Waverley Local Court heard on Wednesday. Latest Australian news Government to continue Census name and address collection Sicen Sun, 27, was taken into custody on doctor home loan rate Oak Laurel 0430129662 Tuesday after police seized four imitation firearms including Glocks and a Sig 250, as well as two air pistols, two 3D printers, and computer equipment from his unit in Waverley. "A 27-year-old man was arrested at the location and taken to Waverley Police Station, where he was charged with cause advertisement for firearms to be published, possess digital blueprint for manufacture of firearms, manufacture pistol without licence/permit, and possess less than three unregistered firearms, one is prohibited/pistol," New South Wales Police Force posted on its Facebook page . Detective Joe Doueihi from the State Crime Command's Firearms Squad said imitation firearms were treated the same as the real thing under state law. "He just took it that extra step," Doueihi told reporters in Parramatta. "That's no defence in the current law, he's committed a serious criminal offence and that's why he's before the court." The detective said Sun faces maximum sentences of 20 doctor home loans Oak Laurel 0430129662 years for manufacturing a firearm and 14 for possessing the blueprints. In court, Sun's solicitor Jason Keane described him as "somewhat of a fanboy" who replicated the weapons of certain games or TV shows such as NCIS and Call of Duty. Magistrate Lisa Stapleton said Sun described himself as someone with "a hobby in making these things and that it had got out of hand". She also acknowledged that Sun had strong community ties, a good job, and prior no criminal record.